Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lowrance Students Head to Paisley

By Kelsey Trevethan
Lowrance Middle School

Four classes of students from Lowrance Middle's ID Moderate program visited an ENCORE class at Paisley on Friday, Jan 26.  This program was a part of the inclusion program between Paisley and Lowrance before the big merge in two school years.

Students from Paisley have started a pen pal program with students from Lowrance and have been building relationships, exchanging Christmas cards, and this field trip was a part of a monthly, ongoing opportunity from students from each school to interact.

My class had the opportunity to participate in a PE class with about 30 students from Paisley and another class of students from Lowrance. The students at Paisley supported each Lowrance student in playing games. Every student in my classroom had an amazing visit and shared their stories from the visit for the rest of the day. It was incredible to see all of the students engaging and supporting each other during the activity.

Two other classes spent time in an art and music class as well. All of the students from Lowrance who participated in these two classes came back in great moods and had so many fun stories to share. The kids and the adults thoroughly enjoyed their time.

It was also very exciting to see the progress on the construction of the new building. Several of our students were in awe of how big the new school is going to be. (It's definitely a vast difference from our POD!) They were excited by the construction process and are looking forward to seeing how the building changes as we continue visiting with Paisley.

We are currently in the early stages of this partnership between the two schools and we are so excited to grow our relationship to ensure the new Paisley/Lowrance is an inclusive, accepting, and engaging place to be!

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