Monday, February 19, 2018

A Career Cafe at John F. Kennedy High School

On Wednesday, John F. Kennedy High School held a Career Cafe. Marcus Neal, a Career Coach in the CTE (Career and Technical Education) department, coordinated the event.

Those attending including department representatives Shirley Bynum, Bruce Sherman, Vicky Wheeler and Danyelle Parker.

Here is what Deborah Cochran, a Business Educator at Kennedy, had to say about the day:   

“Our Career Cafe was overwhelmingly successful today. In fact, Dr. Bynum, Bruce Sherman, Vicky Wheeler, Danyelle Parker and Human Capital Specialist Judy Jones made a visit to our campus, along with 28 invited business leaders and educators.”

“The students were engaged and had a wonderful time.” 

“Mr. Marcus Neal coordinated the event and did an outstanding job.  The energy remains high at JFK. We have the leadership that makes all things possible.”

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