Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exceptional People Serving Exceptional Children: Part 2

Marcia Combs
This is the second installment of a new series in The Exceptional Times that highlights people in the Exceptional Children Department.

Marcia Combs is known as one of Carter High School’s quiet worker bees. She has a way of completing tasks and assisting colleagues with diplomacy and ease. She can always be called upon to help in any situation. She puts her students first and eagerly engages alongside them.

Marcia is rarely absent. When she is, one can rest assured that she has made prior arrangements with her students’ families and colleagues to ensure her bus duties are covered and her students are taken care of. Marcia is mature and level-headed. She serves as a leader within the TA community at Carter.

She helps students understand concepts and directions by sharing her own life experiences. She has a wonderful sense of humor which makes learning fun for students and colleagues, alike.

Marcia is currently juggling work and school and doing a fantastic job in both areas! She also brings diversity to our Foods I course as she has been a vegetarian for many years. Marcia Combs is a valuable asset to team Carter!

Amy Ehrens with students
Amy Ehrens, who teaches the self-contained K-1 classroom at Rural Hall Elementary School, is driven by her passion for teaching. Not only does she give 100 percent to the students in her classroom but also to all students at Rural Hall.

She goes above and beyond by thoughtfully building positive relationships with her students and parents. When she is asked about different techniques or interventions to help other Bulldog students, she carefully finds the appropriate strategies that will help both the students and staff members.

She also has an unending supply of hope which she shares with students and staff. Rural Hall is grateful to have Amy Ehrens as one of their staff.

Bryan Bailey
Walkertown Middle School has a great EC staff that all go ABOVE AND BEYOND! They take pride in everything they do; they are passionate and are truly great professionals. One of those incredible individuals is Bryan Bailey, EC assistant and the athletic director at Walkertown Middle School.

He knows just about every student in the school and knows how to talk to each of them in a way that makes them feel cared for and special. He arrives super early every day and stays late most days with sports. He is really flexible and really rolls with the "punches." He takes the hard-to-deal-with kids and makes them feel understood.

He helps them to realize they can do what they need to do. He can walk into any class and pick up exactly where the teacher is, even when it is a difficult class environment! He helps keep everything running smoothly, even in times when nothing seems to be going right.

Bryan is really good at just talking to the kids. Sometimes, he lets them run special errands with him which they really enjoy. He puts things in perspective for them and helps them understand what is going on. He almost always has a smile and something positive to say to them.

Interventions and techniques so often have to change from day to day or between different students. He keeps moving with whatever changes are made and is able to enhance the interventions being used. Walkertown Middle School could not do it without him!

To read the whole issue of The Exceptional Times, go to The Exceptional Times

Foreign Language Program Specialist Wins $10,000 Scholarship

Leslie Baldwin
Leslie Baldwin, who is the foreign language program specialist for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, has received The Norma Bristow Salter Scholarship from The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

Baldwin is in the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is receiving one of nine $10,000 scholarships.

Delta Kappa Gamma is an honor society for women educators that promotes excellence in education and personal and professional growth of women educators, leading in the field of graduate scholarships given to members and emphasizing leadership development for its more than 76,000 members in 17 countries. Baldwin is a member of the society’s Zeta Chapter in North Carolina. Agnes L. Moynihan of Ontario, International Scholarship Committee Chairman, announced the recipients following the committee’s recent meeting at Society Headquarters in Austin, Texas. “We granted 9 Scholarships of $10,000 each for the 2015-2016 academic year,” Moynihan said.

Recipients must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree, be enrolled in a recognized graduate program and have been a Society member for at least three years to qualify for scholarship consideration. Since its scholarship program began in 1940, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International has given 1,090 women educators $4 million in scholarships.

In addition to the international scholarships, many state organizations and local chapters have scholarship funds to assist members pursuing graduate study. In 2014 all three levels of the Society provided approximately $625,386.20 in scholarships for members. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

15th Annual Culinary Arts & Hospitality Senior Showcase at Career Center on April 24

It's a Food Truck Throw Down at the Career Center on April 24 as the 15th annual showcase for seniors in the Culinary Arts & Hospitality program.

Although the students at the Career Center won't be using real food trucks, they will be creating a food truck experience.

Fifteen students will run four different trucks - Asian, Italian, Caribbean and Spanish.

In advance, tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children. Tickets are $2 more at the door. Money from tickets will go to cover the cost of the food and to support programs in the Culinary Arts & Hospitality program.

The event is scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

If you have questions, you can get in touch with Darlene Owens, a Culinary Arts & Hospitality instructor at the Career Center, by email at dowens@wsfcs.k12.nc.us

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Paisley IB Students Win First Round of Optimist International Oratorical Competition

Nick McCormick and Stephanie Evans with teacher Marshall Marvelli 
Earlier this week, Paisley IB Magnet School students Stephanie Evans and Nick McCormick, won the first round of the Optimist International Oratorical Competition in Winston-Salem.

This is the first step towards a possible $2,500 college scholarship.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Main Street Academy "There's a Dream with Your Name on It”

On Friday, the Leadership Academy at Main Street Academy and Branded for Knowledge hosted a program with guest speaker Judge Glenda Hatchett of the Judge Hatchett Show.

Guests included female students from Carver High School. Judge Hatchett encouraged the girls to dream and put forth the work necessary to accomplish their dreams. She shared her history of obstacles overcome while on her journey. She conveyed there were “haters,” but the way to get them off of her was to fulfill her dream.  

Judge Hatchett organized the girls in groups based on their dream choices. She believes that having support gives you strength. The girls were instructed to call each other by their titles instead of their names. This helps to keep their dreams alive.
Ms. Hatchett was very direct with her conversation. “Keeping your dreams in front of you motivates you to work hard toward achievement.”

Tawnee Smith, President of Leadership Council at Main Street Academy, stated, “Knowing someone of Judge Hatchett’s stature has made mistakes makes me feel less stressed about my mistakes. She was transparent with us.” Tawnee also believes she can overcome her obstacles and achieve her dreams.

Prasyla Martinez, Leadership Secretary said that she felt a connection with the other students. “We all have different situations, as females, we should empathize with each other and not hate on one another.”

“Branded for Knowledge, a partner of Main Street Academy, has been essential to exposing our students to various resources, which helps our students make informed decisions about their lives and post-secondary,” said Principal Ron Travis.

Bobby Kimbrough, Founder of Branded for Knowledge and Ms. Denise Smith, his assistant, regularly visit Main Street Academy to mentor the students and assist in various ways. “Their presence is greatly influential to our students,” Travis said.

Artanzia Rice, Leadership Program advisor, indicated how personable Judge Hatchett was. “When students feel comfortable, they open up and express themselves. The students were engaged and inspired to dream and work hard to attain those dreams.”

“There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing students have a revelation,” Travis said. “Judge Hatchett gave the young ladies advice on how to succeed. Hopefully, they will continually strive to achieve their goals, so that they can become productive citizens in society.” 

And the Winners of the Cheerwine Cook-Off Are:

On Saturday March 21, the Cheerwine Cook-Off was be held at the Career Center.

Along with Cheerwine desserts, entries included Cheerwine shrimp, ribs and chili.

The contest had three divisions: 12 and younger, 13 to 19 and 20 and over.

Here are the winners:

1st Place - Mai Soliman
2nd Place - Chloe Blackburn
3rd Place - Sophia and Miles Griffin

1st Place - Marie Cager
2nd Place - Kindall Nance
3rd Place - Madison Long

1st Place - Jennifer Blackburn
2nd Place - George Jennings
3rd Place - Sue Evans

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Spring Art Extravaganza

The 2015 Spring Art Extravaganza is on display through March 25.

You will find the main story at Spring Art Extravaganza

Here are some of the pictures we weren't able to include with the main story:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Finding a Way to Say 'Thanks' to a Teacher Almost 30 Years Later

Alex Richardson and Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor is now 39. When he was in the fifth grade at Hall-Woodward Elementary School during the 1985-86 school year, his teacher was Alex Richardson.

“Every time I chose to speak out of turn and disrupt the class, he made me copy pages from the collegiate dictionary,” Taylor said. “I don't remember how far I got, but I do remember some ‘i’ words. I obviously talked a lot.”

“Idiom” and “idiosyncratic” are two that come to mind.

“As frustrating as it was at the time, this instilled a fond appreciation for the English language for me,” he said.

Taylor also appreciated the way that Richardson treated him. “He never criticized me. He never looked down on me. But he always expected me to do more than I thought I could.”

“And I have never taken the time to express my thanks for this,” Taylor said.

Until now. 

Richardson went on to become a science coach for elementary schools. About a year ago, Richardson retired after 40 years with Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

Taylor grew up to become a minister and a marriage counselor. When he wrote a book called The Connection Principle: 3 Essential Communication Tools for Getting What You Want From Your Marriage, Taylor decided to thank Richardson on the dedication page.  

On Wednesday, he met Richardson in the lobby of the school system’s Administration Building, gave him a hug and handed him a copy.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cheerwine Cook-Off at Career Center on March 21

On March 21, the Cheerwine Cook-Off will be held at the Career Center.

Any culinary creation is eligible as long as Cheerwine is a main ingredient.

The contest will have three divisions: 12 and younger, 13 to 19 and 20 and over.

In each division, the first-place prize is $100. It's $75 for second place and $50 for third.

The registration fee is $10.

The Cook-Off is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Career Center is at 910 Highland Court.

For more information, call 671-4068.

Rural Hall Students and Staff Let Bus Drivers Know How Much They Appreciate Them

"We Wheelie Appreciate You"
The recent bad weather, with its missed days and late starts, meant that the folks at Rural Hall Elementary School had to alter their plans for Bus Driver Appreciation Week.

That didn’t keep them from letting the bus drivers who serve the school know how much they appreciate them by serving them hot coffee and doughnuts, juice and lots of chocolate and the students giving the bus drivers many thanks. One of the signs they set up read, “We Wheelie Appreciate You!!!”

“We celebrated for almost two weeks to let them know we are appreciative of them taking our Bulldogs to and from the school,” said Yamile McBride, the interim assistant principal. “We also welcomed them in the morning with loud wake-up music and Bulldog cheerleaders as we got to hang out with a few of them before they went to the rest of their stops.” 

Nancy Sutton and Judi Lawson Wallace Have Article in "Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance"

Nancy Sutton, the school system's program specialist for health & physical education, and Judi Lawson Wallace, the Winston-Salem coordinator for Safe Routes to School, have written an article that appears in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance.

Here is an excerpt:

Sedge Garden Elementary Students Talk with Scholar in Bulgaria Via Skype

On Tuesday, students in Elizabeth Noell’s class at Sedge Garden Elementary talked with a Fulbright scholar studying in Bulgaria via Skype. Fox8 was there. Here is the story the station posted on its website and a link to the story it broadcast:

A group of kindergarten and third grade students at Kernersville’s Sedge Garden Elementary were not paying attention to their teachers today. And that’s OK, because the teachers were not leading the lesson.

Instead the kids were using Skype to watch and listen to Michael Pelehach, a Fulbright scholar from Oak Ridge. Pelehach is currently in Bulgaria, teaching English to 250 high school students.

“I think languages are really important, not just for Bulgarians but for Americans.” Pelehach said. “Americans should learn more languages because when you know a new language you can communicate with more people.”

The kids in Kernersville asked Pelehach about the kids, language and holidays in Bulgaria. Third grade teacher Hilda Servello says interacting with Pelehach is better than reading a lesson from a social studies book.

“It’s first-hand information. It’s the experience you see in someone’s eyes. You can’t get that from a book; they can’t hear his excitement, what he feels from his students,” Servello said.

Learning about another culture and language can be a big lesson for kindergarten kids. Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Noell believes learning about someone’s culture can help her young students grow into adults that can appreciate everyone’s traditions.

“I especially hope they become more sensitive to other cultures. We are all the same but with some differences,” Noell said.

To see the broadcast story to to Fox8

Friday, March 6, 2015

Easton Elementary School Is Holding Annual Health Fair on Tuesday, March 24

Photo from last year's Health Fair
On Tuesday March 24, Easton Elementary School will hold its annual Health Fair. The fair, which is scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., will offer information about a number of health topics.

Topics include:
Cholesterol and blood pressure screening
Dental health
Lead poisoning
Heart disease
Fire safety

Activities include a Zumba class and games for children and adults.

Participating organizations include the YWCA, Baptist Health, Novant Health and Winston-Salem State University.

Easton Elementary is at 734 E. Clemmonsville Circle. For more information, call 748-4063

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Three Winston-Salem/Forsyth County High Schools Participate in Science Olympiad

Team from Early College
Students from three Winston-Salem/Forsyth County high schools – Early College of Forsyth, Atkins Academic & Technology High School and West Forsyth – were among 400 students from 26 middle and high schools in eight counties that participated in the Science Olympiad, held Feb. 28 at Atkins Academic & Technology High School.

The regional competition for students interested in math and science had 46 events. About 80 volunteers from Wake Forest University and the Winston-Salem community organized the Olympiad.

The team from Early College, which was coached by Abby W. Stanley, placed third overall and will attend the state competition in April.

Here is a list of Early College winners:

Air Trajectory: Jonathan Rieco assisted by Aril Koagular - 3rd place
Anatomy and Physiology: Jaime' Perez and Jorge Salas - 2nd Place
Bridge: Derick Cooke assisted by Aril Koagular - 2nd place
Cell Biology: Jorge' Salas and Victor Brown - 1st place
CHemistry Lab: Patrece Dear Duhig and Michael Carpenter - 1st Place
Crave the Wave: Vicente' Perez and Luke Duffer - 2nd Place
Disease Detectives: Katie Westendorf and Tricia Zimmer - 2nd Place
Experimental Design: Patrece Dear Duhig and Michael Carpenter - 4th Place
Mission Possible: Collin Bess and Kristopher Maikoo - 2nd Place
Wright Stuff: Luke Duffer - 1st place

JV winners:

Experimental Design - Angelo Jumawid and Andrew Warren - 1st Place
Wright Stuff - David Vestal - 4th Place

Team from Atkins

The team from Atkins, which was coached by Melanie Langley and Terry Howerton, placed first overall.

Here is a list of Atkins winners:

Air Trajectory: Alexa Langley and Tristan Tucker - 1st place
Anatomy and Physiology: Kalyn Younger and J'Son Hughes - 3rd place
Astronomy: Jack Bloomfeld and Chase Miller - 1st place
Bridge: Justin Davies - 1st place
Cell Biology: Chase Miller and Alyssa Williams - 2nd place
Chem Lab: Kayci Nielsen and Stephanie Jeselson - 3rd place
Compound Machines: Alyssa Williams and Zach Solomom - 1st place
Crave the Wave: Jack Bloomfeld and J'Son Hughes - 1st place
Disease Detectives: Kalyn Younger and Julianne Page - 1st place
Duct Tape Challenge: Justin Davies and Zach Solomom - 9th place
Dynamic Planet: Stephanie Jeselson and Madysen Terry - 1st place
Egg-O-Naut: Jeremy Walls and Tristan Tucker - 1st place
Entomology: Jeremy Walls and Sawyer Welden - 1st place
Experimental Design: Alyssa Williams, Zach Solomom, Julianne Page - 5th place
Forensics: Kayci Nielsen and Julianne Page - 2nd place
Fossils: Tristan Tucker and Thomas Moretz - 2nd place
Geologic Mapping: Thomas Moretz and Sawyer Welden - 1st place
Green Generation: Sawyer Welden and Thomas Moretz - 1st place
It Matters: Kayci Nielsen and Stephanie Jeselson - 1st place
Mission Possible: Alexa Langley and Jeremy Walls
Scrambler: Alexa Langley and Tristan Tucker
Wright Stuff: Stephanie Jeselson and Madysen Terry ​- 2nd place
Write it, Do it: Alexa Langley and Madysen Terry - 4th place

Medals were received for places 1-4 so Atkins took home 14 1st place medals, four 2nd place medals, two 3rd place medals, and one 4th place medal for a grand total of medals in 21 of 23 events. All 16 team members medaled in at least one event with most of them medaling in multiple events. Atkins won Regionals with a score of 42 (lowest score wins), 2nd place team had a score of 83. Students have earned the right to move on to state competition at N.C. State University on April 24-25.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wiley Magnet Middle Thanks Bus Drivers for the Job They Do

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the Wiley Magnet Middle School family showed its appreciation for the bus drivers who bring students to and from school each day.

In the morning, Wiley provided them with a breakfast sandwich and coffee from Chick-fil-A to start their day on a good note. 

In the afternoon, drivers received hand-designed lunch bags made by Wiley students. Inside, they found treats and snacks provided by the Wiley PTA. The snacks included home-made cookies, candy, fruit and a cold beverage. 

“Drivers were welcomed and thanked for all they do that afternoon,” said assistant principal Ian Olsen. “Wiley loves their drivers.”  

Students in Occupational Course of Study Program Selling Handmade Items at Allegacy Federal Credit Union

On Friday, March 6, students in the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) program will participate in a School-Based Enterprise Market at the offices of Allegacy Federal Credit Union at 1691 Westbrook Plaza Drive.

Students will be selling such handmade items as clothing, candles and greeting cards from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Members of the public are invited to join the staff at Allegacy in shopping.

All proceeds will go to the OCS programs at the schools. 


Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Students Do Quite Well in Regional Science Fair

On Saturday, Feb. 28, winners of the 2015 Science Fair for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools competed in the Region V Science Fair. That fair, held at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, included students in public, private and home schools in Stokes, Forsyth, Davidson, Rockingham, Guilford, Randolph, Caswell, Person, Orange, Alamance, and Chatham counties.  
WS/FCS students did quite well. Elementary students took four of the eight slots for students advancing to the N.C. Science and Engineering Fair, two of the seven slots for middle school students and one of seven slots for high school students. WS/FC students also won several special recognitions and awards.
The WS/FCS 2015 Region V Science Fair winners are: 
Jacob Jeziorowski*, Marvin Ward Elementary - Elementary Winner

Courtney Every*, Lewisville Elementary -Elementary Winner

Jackson Miller*, Jefferson Elementary - Elementary Winner

Rebecca Tolle* and Ella Gamble*, Brunson Elementary - Elementary Winner 

Camryn Walker*, Paisley IB Magnet School - 1st Place Middle School Chemistry

Noah Couch*, Hanes Magnet Middle School - 1st Place Middle School Earth/Environmental 

Logan Brown, Wiley Magnet Middle School - 3rd Place Middle School Technology /Engineering  

Huan Tran, North Forsyth High School - 3rd Place High School Chemistry

Eric Baril*, Parkland IB Magnet - 2rd Place High School Biology A

Special Awards/Recognitions

Logan Brown, Wiley Magnet Middle School: Naval Science Award

Noah Couch, Hanes Magnet School:  Naval Science Award, Vulcan Material Earth/Environmental Award, and the American Waterworks Association Award

Amelia Hernandez, North Forsyth High School:  American Waterworks Association Award 

*Will advance to N.C. Science and Engineering Fair being held March 27-28 at Meredith College in Raleigh.

Go! Girls Club at Griffith Elementary Holds Daddy/Daughter Dance and Has Adventure at Wake Forest Basketball Game

On Feb. 6, the Griffith GO! (as in Girls Only!) Club at Griffith Elementary School held its second annual GO! Club Daddy and Daughter Dance.

A couple of weeks later, everyone went on an adventure. Thanks to Wake Forest Women's Basketball, the girls and their fathers received tickets to the "Wear Your Pink" game on Feb. 15.