Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween at Central Office

With it being Halloween, some of the people who work in Central Office decided to wear costumes for the day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Halloween Tradition

A Halloween tradition for school board member Marilyn Parker is dressing up as a pumpkin and bringing treats to everyone at the school system’s Central Office.

On Tuesday afternoon, there she was.

Wiley Teacher Featured in Science Magazine

Lisa Bodenheimer, who is the principal Wiley Magnet Middle, wanted to share some good news about teacher Betty Jo Moore.

“I wanted to share this article that is appearing in the National Science Teachers Association Science Scope journal this month,” Bodenheimer wrote. “There is a feature on Betty Jo Moore, sixth-grade teacher at Wiley! 

“We are so proud of all her accomplishments and she is very deserving of this acknowledgement!” 

Student Art in November 2018 Issue of "Forsyth Family" Magazine

By Irvin Campos Rios
By Kate Runyan

By Zoey Blackwood

By Ashley Greene
In the November 2018 issue of Forsyth Family magazine, you will find art by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County students.

Irvin Campos Rios, third grade at Hall-Woodward Elementary. Ivy Graham, art teacher.

Kate Runyan, third grade at Meadowlark Elementary. Lori Mottesheard, art teacher.

Zoey Blackwood, eighth grade at Flat Rock Middle. Dudley Smith, art teacher.

Ashley Greene, junior at West Forsyth High. Elizabeth Betson, art teacher. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Hispanic Read-In at Morgan Elementary

Morgan Elementary had a Hispanic Read-In.

To read the story, go to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

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Promoting Kindness at Flat Rock Middle

With October being Bully and Drug Prevention Month, Kindra Ritzie-Worthy and Stephanie Boyd-Grady – the School Counselors at Flat Rock Middle School – and others at the school have been organizing activities designed to promote kindness at school and out in the community.

Students have made posters, and everyone has worked to discourage cyberbullying and other types of bullying. Students have been delivering positive messages during the morning announcements.

Last week, while teachers and students throughout the school were getting ready for the Hispanic Cultural Awareness celebration, Ritzie-Worthy and Boyd-Grady were hanging up Acts of Kindness Chains that students had made.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Culinary Arts Students at Career Center Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Students in the Culinary Arts program at the Career Center baked and sold pink treat to raise money to support the fight against breast cancer.

To read the story, go to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hanes Student Wins State Award for Poetry

Sydney Anthos, an eighth grader at Hanes Magnet Middle, has received the Kathryn Stripling Byer Poet Laureate award at the North Carolina English Teachers Association conference. The award came with $250.
Sydney was nominated by Hanes teacher Jennifer Flanagan.

“Sydney is a remarkable thinker and has always been one to take creative risks through writing,” Flanagan said. 

“She is a unique person, often introverted, and although she is timid in person, she is a lion on paper. Her unique take on writing topics are refreshing to read, and her writing style seems effortless and is flawless.”

“When I read her winning poem ‘War of Fire,’ I thought it had such a beautiful rhythm to it, and it was delicately written with pointed, smart vocabulary. She has a talent for developing a rhyme scheme that does not seem forced.” 

“Her poetry is musical and unique, just like Sydney. It was a pleasure having her as my student, and I am so happy that such a prestigious award went to such a humble, deserving student.”

Asked why she likes poetry, Sydney said, “I like that you can convey powerful messages with so few words.”

“A single poem can be interpreted many different ways depending on the individual reader. This is not possible or very difficult in other methods of writing.”

Sydney also likes the “flow” of poetry.

Her winning poem grew out of an assignment by Flanagan.

“I tend to read a lot of news and follow current events and I was thinking about our world and I just poured all my thoughts on to the paper,” she said.

Here is the poem:

War of Fire
By Sydney Anthos

The soldiers stood there battered and worn
Staring at a dark, desolate world, war torn
And watched it creep closer, It’s eyes full of hate
The burning, blackening, blazing fire crying it’s too late
can you not see that I have won
Look at this world and see what I have done
Nations of ashes
Countries of dust
Destroyed by men of power and lust
Cities of fear, mountains of shame
But nobody willing to take the blame
Terror and pain tear lives apart
Shattering earth’s thunderous heart
But if a heart breaks
It can still live
While greed takes
Love can give
Power is a burning fire
A fire always needing fuel
A fire merciless and cruel
But water is peace
Calm and cool
And robs fire of its fuel
This is the true meaning of war
Not the good from the bad or the rich from the poor
This war of greed and desire
Is known as the War of Fire

Reynolds Photography Students Meet SECCA Artist

After making 3D self-portraits inspired by her work, Reynolds photography students met an artist in a group show at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.

To read the story, go to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

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Celebrating Hispanic Culture at Flat Rock Middle

On the night of Oct. 24, Flat Rock Middle is holding a Hispanic Cultural Awareness celebration.

To read the story, go to Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

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