Friday, January 5, 2018

Second-Grader at Speas Writes Book

A second-grader at Speas Global Elementary has written her first book. In “The Winston-Salem Chronicle,” Tevin Stinson writes about Taylor Jones. Here is an excerpt:

With her first book, 8-year-old Taylour Jones is encouraging other children to stand up and be the best person they can be. The book, “Taylour J … Yeah, That’s Me!!!”, was released last month.

“I think writing, and reading, is fun,” Taylour said. “I want to help other kids stand out so they won’t be like other people.”

“Taylour J … Yeah, That’s Me!!!” is an introduction to the 8-year-old and her family, including what she stands for: being different. She wants to inspire others that being YOU is always the best thing, especially when you embrace it.

A second-grader at Speas Global Academy, Taylour is not the average 8-year-old and is more ambitious than some adults.  Along with publishing her first book before she could even apply for a driver’s permit, she is also the owner of Taylour Made Lemonade, a mobile lemonade stand.

During an interview with The Chronicle earlier this week, Taylour said in the future she hopes to own her own bakery. But before that she has a few more books to write.

“I want to write other books, but I don’t have any ideas yet,” Taylour said. “I usually do my writing at home in my mom’s photography room.”

To read the rest of Tevin Stinson’s story go to The Winston-Salem Chronicle

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