Friday, January 12, 2018

Academic Competition Week 6

Week 6 of the Academic Competition has come to a close.

Marilyn "Scottie" House
This week, Cheryl Wright, the Academic Competition Coordinator, would like to highlight the work that coaches do:

“Coaches are the key players in building academic teams at each school,” Wright said. “Most schools have at least four coaches, one for each content area and sometimes an additional coach for General Knowledge.”

Kevin Hamilton
“The coaches spend additional time outside of their school day to work with students. Their work includes reviewing and making sure the students involved understand the rules and process of Academic Competition as well as hours of practice is needed as students work through the process of learning content. A lot of hard work and effort on their part is to be commended.” 

Each week, two schools hold their match in the auditorium at the Education Building, and the match is shown on Cable 2. This week, it was Atkins vs. Reynolds. For that match, Melissa McGready, the Instructional Coach for High School Social Studies, served as the judge, and Rebecca McKnight, the Director of Social Studies, served as moderator.

Rebecca McKnight and Melissa McCready
“Each year, I look forward to participating in the Academic Competition,” McGready said. “Every week in the news, you can read about or watch news briefs regarding the schools in the county. But, almost all of those stories revolve around sports. This is one of the few activities that highlight academic learning.”

McKnight said, “I wanted to be a part of the Academic Competition because it is a celebration of our students’ academic abilities in a forum that is beyond the classroom. Students get the opportunity to ‘strut their academic stuff’ in the same way that other students get to show off their athletic or musical talents. It is great to see and I am glad to be a part of it.”

The final score was Atkins - 233 and Reynolds - 163.

The other matches scheduled for Week 6 were:
Carver vs. Reagan at Carver
East Forsyth vs. Parkland at East
Glenn vs. West Forsyth at Glenn
North Forsyth vs. Mount Tabor at North
Carver lost to Reagan, with Reagan having an overall score of 208.
West won the match against Glenn with a score of 193.
North lost to Mount Tabor.

Unfortunately, Parkland had to forfeit this week’s match because of a scheduling conflict. That gave East Forsyth an automatic win. Unless all matches are cancelled a match between two schools cannot be rescheduled.

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