Monday, May 7, 2018

Exploring Possible Careers at Morgan Elementary

This comes to us from Norma Corley, the School Counselor at Morgan Elementary:

Morgan Elementary School held its annual Career Fair on April 16. Excitement filled the air. The presenters were just as excited as the kids were, some arriving almost an hour before the sign-in time.

The presenters came from far and near, representing the entire Triad area of Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem…and of course, Clemmons.

Third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students eagerly explored the display tables and props used to attract their attention. School Counselor, Norma Corley, recruited most of the 63 presenters in occupations both traditional and unconventional: dentistry, marine biology, surveying, architecture, nursing, and banking among other career choices. All of the surrounding universities and colleges were extended invitations to attend as well.

Veterinarians took the prize with their lively crew of a lizard, a parrot (who sang out sporadically during the fair), dogs and a most popular pig that made himself at home roaming around the gym.

The students had answered a pre-assessment survey of the Career Fair event responding to the questions:

1) “My school work is important for the work I want to do in the future?”
2) “I have thought about what kind of work I want to do as a grownup?”   
3) “I know what education I need for a job I would like to have when I grow up?”  

They answered the same questions afterward to measure the impact of the Career Fair. All 400 students stated that they had learned something. Many students who came in sure of what they wanted to be when they grew up, left saying, “I’m not sure anymore!”

The presenters who evaluated the Career Fair all gave it high marks. One respondent stated that he had to yield to the animals for attention... but he would return!

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