Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Spirit Rock Comes to Meadowlark Middle

Meadowlark Middle School has gotten a “spirit rock”, thanks to Lowder, Inc. a local grading contractor.

The owner, Gene Lowder, enjoys participating in local school projects.

Spirit rocks add fun to the educational experience and are painted by the students to build excitement. Paintings on a spirit rock can promote events, announcements, words of support for an athletic team, congratulations, recognize a teacher, welcome messages or other more creative endeavors. 

Some schools even allow students and their families to paint a message on their spirit rock for a small donation that contributes to a fund for a school event or aid a local charity.

Though Lowder does not have a child at Meadowlark, he is always looking for ways to “give back” to the community… and locating and transporting an 8-ton bolder for the school was a way to give back in a very big way.

“It took a 40-ton dump truck to get it here and a 10-ton wheel loader to place it,” Lowder said. “It is a pleasure to help out the kids and I know this rock will excite the students.”

Here is what Principal Joey Hearl had to say:

“We are very excited about getting a spirit rock for Meadowlark Middle. Almost 1300 students and staff will be surprised to see it when they return in a few weeks. The spirit rock will be an excellent addition to the main entrance area of the school.  We are very grateful to Gene Lowder for his generous donation to Meadowlark Middle.”

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