Monday, March 26, 2018

Mohawk Madness Provides Weekend Meals for Students

Each year, Chris Pinnix, who teaches social studies at Reagan High School, leads a Mohawk Madness fundraiser in which people get Mohawk haircuts as a way to raise money for the BackPack programs at Old Richmond and Vienna elementary schools.

By Chris Pinnix
Social Studies Teacher
Reagan High School

My name is Chris Pinnix, and I am a Social Studies teacher at Reagan High School in my 23rd year in education. I have been at Reagan for seven years – Reynolds High School for 16.  We just recently completed our 5th annual Mohawk Madness Fundraiser.

My church, College Park Baptist, sponsors the Old Richmond and Vienna Backpack Ministry program throughout the year which provides a weekend's worth of food for the 47 students in need at both schools.

To raise money for the ministry, I started up "Mohawk Madness" at Reagan.  I basically challenge the school to raise a certain amount of money for the BackPack ministry, and, if they meet the goal, I will rock a Mohawk at Reagan for a week. This year, three of my students joined me in the challenge, and they, too, are rocking Mohawks since we met our goal. 

Vienna Elementary got in on the action this year, and fifth-grader Matthew Nolan is rocking a Mohawk for his personal challenge to Vienna. Principal Lee Koch is rocking a Mohawk for the week at Vienna for meeting their goal.

Six years ago, my wife, Lara, remarked to me as I started shaving my head and beard into a Mohawk for kicks and giggles on the back porch after five months of "No-Shave November,” "You should've challenged your students to raise money for you to rock that Mohawk, and designated the money to our College Park Backpack Ministry." 

Since I already cut my hair after the fact, and we did not offer a challenge at the time, we decided to start it up the following year.

That is how Mohawk Madness started.

Just now, we counted up all of the money raised:

Reagan – $4,350

Vienna Elementary – $2,060.60

Fifth-Grade Matthew Nolan Mohawk Challenge - $1,565

Lara Pinnix Personal Training/Aerobics Teaching Client Total - $1,275

Social Media Online Friends – $1,250

The overall total for the past seven days is: $10,600 / 2,120 Weekends of Meals Just This Week!!!!!!

Our 5-Year Total is now at $28,000 / 5,600 Weekends of Meals

Thanks to all of our Reagan High School faculty members, Vienna Elementary School, and the community who have supported this fundraiser over the years!  

There are so many incredible fundraisers and offers of goodwill that come out of Reagan H igh School throughout the year, and I am so blessed to have your support for this particular cause that our family and church is so passionate about.

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