Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Randy Moss Visits Philo-Hill Magnet School

Making good choices and positive decision making, those were the lessons shared by former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss at Philo-Hill Magnet School on Tuesday.  Moss played 14 seasons in the NFL and holds the NFL single-season touchdown reception record.

On Tuesday, he spoke to students about his life journey and the decisions that led to his future being a number one recruit.  He also talked candidly about his journey to jail, making bad decisions, using drugs, his scholarship being revoked and his journey into the NFL.  Moss discussed the power of persuasion and illegal activity and how important it is to pick the right path when presented with a fork in your own life's journey.  He challenged students to think about what they want to become in life and he also encouraged them to dream.

His thoughts on the power of a good education and how that plays a role in future hopes and dreams was also key within his message.  Philo-Hill Principal, Dr. Essie McKoy, says the event was meaningful and powerful for students. Moss summed up his talk sharing his commitment to make an impact on youth, now!


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