Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Students and Principals of Schools on Kennedy Campus Welcome State Visitors

In October, people from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, architects, representatives of neighboring school systems and others took a tour of the school system’s Kennedy Campus, which is home to Carter High School, John F. Kennedy High School and the Career Center.

The principal at Carter is Donna Horton-Berry. The principal at Kennedy is Sean Gaillard, and the Career Center principal is Chris Nichols. Bruce Sherman is the co-director of the CTE (career technical education program).

Afterward, Bill Powell, the school system’s construction specialist, shared some thoughts:

What a great day for our school district. It showed tremendous leadership, engaged students and teachers in an active environment. 

Donna, your care for students was obvious. The surprise welcome entertainment by WS/FCS arts department was fun and I enjoyed watching your kids, your talk of school services and description of the restroom lifting gear was very informative. Carter school's community and culinary use of vegetable gardens was wonderful. Thank you for opening your doors.

Sean, sharing your experiences and the school was great. Your cafeteria was wonderful to see, the ProStart students were focused on their baking. The ProStart, pharmacy tech and masonry teachers were in touch with the students and program. I heard three districts specifically came looking for how to build ProStart labs and programs and came away with ideas. Thank you.

Chris, you are getting to be a pro in giving other school systems tours of your wonderful facility. Your talks and information were spot on. Visiting auto, aviation, alternative energy and carpentry and describing the Habitat program and funding for all four was creative and eye-opening for some districts. Cosmetology, culinary and early childhood spaces were a beehive of activity.  The cooperation and student teacher interaction with Carter and Kennedy were heartwarming. Thank you.  

A special thanks to the Career Center culinary students for making and serving the over the top - "potato, salad and sandwich bar" which was tremendous. The two freshly baked desert cakes from Kennedy ProStart were unexpected and delicious. Sean, please send me that selfie with the kids and cake!

Thank you to the meal sponsor Architects, Wesley and Clark of Walter Robbs who also did the beautiful program brochure. Thanks also to you, Bruce, and your knowledge of the programs representing CTE.

Every attendee left commenting how lucky we were to have the facility, and how important it is to have teachers and students engaged and wanting to be there.  It showed and it was a proud day.  

A very special thank you for your time, as Forsyth County Schools demonstrated how every day we serve our students.

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